Peace Through Social Service

The Mission is committed to provide development for the underprivileged and vulnerable children and persons living in difficult circumstances by action as a facilitator through procurement of funds, staff capacity enhancement, technical support and social, economic and spiritual development where necessary through meditation/yoga. The Mission has identified the underprivileged children/persons as those who are street dwellers, street workers, drug abusers, terminally ill, the mentally ill, people with disability, the urban and rural poor or those in need of counseling, medical, health, nutritional, educational, vocational and recreational facilities.

Ven. Buddha Priya Mahathera is the founder of the Siddharth United Social Welfare Mission (SUSWM). He comes from a humble Buddhist family. He has widely traveled in India and Buddhist countries of the South East Asia. He was deeply distributed from his early days by the suffering of humanity and was greatly impressed by Buddhist Monks of South-East Asian Countries. Returning to India he became a Meditation Teacher and concentrated on Social Upliftment, Poverty Alleviation, Education and Employment Assistance etc. His primary aim was to bring up poor, orphan children of tribal areas and initially he operated from a rented house at Dum Dum area of Kolkata.

Later he received a gift of 5 Kathas or 3600 sq ft. of land from a kind hearted philanthropic person. He erected a tiled shed and started and orphanage with a primary school. He provided food and shelter for 40 orphan children took care of their education, medical treatment, clothed, textbooks and exercise book etc. All these children coming from poor families of which all are below poverty line. They don't have means to afford a square meal a day. He helped number of boys to study at other schools, looked after their vocational training and helped them to get established in life. He is also famous for many other philanthropic activities. A compassionate heart as he possesses, he stretches his helping hand to the charitable organizations of many religious faith, any needy and distresses individual of any faith. He is just like a Messiah to all.