Peace Through Social Service

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SUSWM is trying its best to support this cause. But we can not do it alone. Please help us & support us so that we can provide these children better education and brighter future.

The primary aim of the Mission is to bring up the poor orphan children belonging below the poverty line who do not have means to afford square meal a day. Thus SUSWM provides free fooding and lodging for boys upto the age of sixteen.

Children in SUDWM are encouraged in sports and recreational activites. With proper training and guidance some of them can rise up to represent their country

They are very enthusiastic but they still require better equipments and proper guidance.

My name is Pagan Hembrom, I'm from jhargram. I like being here with my friends. I love playing football. My dream is to become a teacher so that my students can grow up to serve the country.

I am Kalyan Soren and I am staying here for past 9 years. We take part in many extra curricular activites like tailoring class etc. Our teachers help us a lot. I would love to become a doctor and offer free service to the poor people.

My name is Mangaldeep, I study in class I. I stay together with a lot of friends. I would like to serve the country by becoming a police officer.